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Cold Storage System

The primary use of Cold Storage System is preservation and safekeeping of potentially vulnerable food items such as vegetables, that often sprout or pulse grains that tend to germinate in a humid atmosphere due to availability of external moisture and temperature. To combat this menace, cold storage systems  are brought to use, which involve utilization of Ammonia and Freons as chemical coolants owing to their high latent heat of evaporation. The two commonly used refrigeration techniques utilized are Vapor Absorption System (VAS) and Vapor Compression Systems (VCS), that have own configuration of vents and design structures.

  • Highly efficient functionality
  • Relative ease of operation
  • High on the scales of energy efficiency
  • Robust construction
  • Improved cooling output
  • Superior Longevity and shelf life of the materials stored

Gas Tight CA Door

304/403 grade stainless steel made Gas tight ca door is used in large commercial buildings, cold storage rooms and warehouses. Notable for its tough look, this thermally insulated door can be availed in different height, width and thickness based specifications. This sliding type door can endure wide temperature range to meet specific application needs. Offered gas tight ca door is equipped with left and right upper bracket, eccentric clamp and rubber damper to name a few. Sealed construction of this door enables it to endure around 500 pa operating pressure.

Control Atmosphere Cold Storage

Machines of van Amerongen always focus on maintaining energy efficient mechanism. Power consumption level of any machine plays significant role in determining its standard as the price of electrical power is continuously increasing. It is, therefore, is necessary to develop machine with low electricity usage rate to reduce project cost. Being a reliable organization, we always aim to provide standard components while designing any machine.  Application of premium grade components like pumps (of German  origin), quality approved active carbon and electronic parts from reliable sources prolong service life of our products for at least 15 to 20 years. 

All the pumps offered by us are well known for their low maintenance design. These oil free pumps have minimal wear rate which in turn reduces their maintenance cost.

Fruits can release carbon di oxide by breathing oxygen The Co2 Adsorber is instrumental in eliminating carbon dioxide ( also known as carbonic acid) from the storage cells of fruits to avoid its concentration or too much accumulation which may otherwise cause decaying of fruits.

The advantages of our CO2  absorbers;

one-tank system (instead of two-tank systems from other suppliers)

1. Cost effective

2. Low power consumption rate

3. 20% faster operation that commonly used co2 adsorbing systems

Advanced design of distribution plates and sieve of these adsorbers improve their performance and optimizes their efficiency by maximum 30%more.

VA lung or buffer system design guarantees about negligible addition of oxygen during carbon di oxide removing process.

Cold store accessories

Van Amerongen plays significant role in offering premium grade Cold storage accessories.

Combi meters and hand meters

Van Amerongen is also instrumental in offering premium grade gas analyzing instruments like O2 and Co2 meters that are essential parts of controlling system. Customers can also avail hand meters for measurement of carbon di oxide and oxygen in  cold storage rooms whenever they need it.

Flexible air buffers (Lungs)

Fluctuation of pressure associated with climactic condition or cooling mechanism in cold storage room can lead to leakage problem which in turn may cause influx of oxygen. Installation of flexible type air buffer can bring significant change in fluctuation of pressure. Multi layer PU film made buffer is truly effective in maintaining internal pressure of cold storage room. Each cold storage room has separate buffer arrangement. This type of buffer is specially developed as per the volume of storage room and is accessible in 2 m3 to 12 m3 volume range.

Overpressure and under pressure valves

In some exceptional cases, air buffer is not sufficient to deal with pressure difference problem. In such conditions, under/over pressure valve proves to be effective in absorbing pressure difference of cold storage room to avoid further damage. This safety measurement is suitable for over or under pressure of around 100 mm WK.  CA/ULO cold storage requires one under pressure and one over pressure valves for its proper functioning. For large cell based cold stores, multiple valves are used.

Cell valves

PVC pipes are used to attach scrubbers in cold storage rooms. Size of these pipes depends on the type of machine. Usually pipes having 50 mm to 160 mm diameter range and cell valves are used to meet specific temperature controlling needs of cold storage room. Provided cell valves are pneumatically driven and have reliable operation. Such valves have reliable mechanism.

Fumigation Chamber

By offering superior-quality Fumigation Chamber to our clients, we have garnered a huge clientele across the globe. This chamber helps in pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides. Our dextrous professionals fabricate this chamber with the use of the most advanced technology as per the set industry standards. Offered product is available in various technical specifications and is available at market leading prices.

Features of Fumigation Chamber :

  • Low maintenance
  • Long working life
  • Operational fluency
  • Robustness


ZerOx: treatment, conservation & protection by nature

B-Cat Food offers permanent solutions for natural fumigation & conservation of food supply, using regular, ambient air, and guarantee a 99,99% mortality rate of adult insects, larvae, pupae and eggs. We can achieve this by reducing oxygen levels in any gastight environment to extreme low levels. That is why we call it the ZerOx system.

No chemicals needed. No resistance over time. No toxic residues.

  • As a result, the ZerOx treatment meets the most strict regulations for fumigation, including those that apply for organic food supply (EEC 2092/91 and NOP).
  • To create optimum conservation conditions, we provide (bulk) nitrogen packaging material, as well as solutions to connect the ZerOx generator to (existing) packaging lines for nitrogen supply.
  • The ZerOx system can, at the same time, serve as fire prevention system for your rooms/buildings, by creating an absolute safe ambient environment with less than 17% oxygen, where no fire can ignite.

Products suitable for ZerOx fumigation & conservation

ZerOx can fumigate & conserve all food products that can be kept under oxygen-poor conditions. This includes grains, rice, nuts, dried spices, herbs, beans, flour, lentils, dried fruits, seeds, cocoa beans, coffee, tea etc. Fresh food products, such as vegetables and fruit require oxygen and are not suitable for ZerOx fumigation.

Palliflex Storage System

We are a distinguished manufacturer, exporter and supplier of highly functional Palliflex Storage System that can be easily installed and requires less maintenance. It is suitable for short and long term storage under CA and ULO conditions. This system is manufactured using high grade components and latest technology under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Our precious clients can avail this Palliflex Storage System in diverse technical specifications as per their application needs.

Key Features of  Palliflex Storage System:

  • High efficiency
  • Long working life
  • Hassle-free performance
  • Sturdy design

Palliflex Storage System

This is a special system as you can set the gas conditions per pallet, that is individually. Thus, the system is suitable for soft, strong and small fruits, and an array of vegetables. Storage per pallet shows that you can distribute some stock without disrupting the storage conditions of other units. Hence, you can minimize the product wastage and evaluate the market effectively. Also this is perfect in terms of pricing.

The following terms are required for measuring and regulating the CA conditions in the Pallifex units

  • A fully automatic S904 and S904 measuring and regulation system with a built-in O2/CO2 meter
  • Bottles of nitrogen (N2) or a VPSA O2 scrubber (oxygen reduction)
  • Bottles of CO2
  • Compressed air or an air pump

Plus Points of  Palliflex Storage System

  • Individually setting of gas conditions per unit
  • Fungal spores and flavours/ smells cannot migrate from unit to unit
  • No loss of CO2 when connecting and disconnecting units
  • No disturbance to the conditions in other units when connecting and disconnecting
  • Easy to trace any leakage

Ethylene Decomposer

We hold expertise in manufacturing, exporting and supplying premium quality Ethylene Decomposer that is available in a range of technical specifications inline with clients' diverse needs. It is used for removing ethylene from cold stores based on catalytic combustion. The offered product is fabricated by our dextrous professionals using innovative technology and the finest quality components. Our quality controllers test this Ethylene Decomposer on various parameters to ensure its flawlessness.

Product Features of Ethylene Decomposer:

  • Smooth operation
  • High efficiency
  • Long service life
  • Sturdiness
  • Greater thermal efficiency
  • A lower pressure drop across the thermal bed
  • More rapid heat exchange
  • A lower weight

Ethylene Decompose

This enables ethylene to be kept at any level that may be required, both in the ppm and the ppb range. However, the maintenance of quality of many other fresh products can be improved through the control of ethylene levels. Using oxygen the ethylene decomposer combusts ethylene to form CO2 and water, both inert substances. Our ethylene decompoer can be supplied as standard in three capacities (Table1). Other capacities can be dimensioned upon request at nominal prices.

Plus points of Ethylene Decomposer

  • Maximum re-cooling of air through high- quality heat exchanger (Porceian honeycomb)
  • High catalytic level through high platinum high alumina granules (0.6g kg)
  • Low optimal combustion temperature of 250C
  • Can be combined with DCE: control based on ethylene levels

The advantage of our Porelain Honeycomb heat exchanger in comparison to ceramic balls or chips (split)

    Available capacities of Ethylene Decomposer