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Control Atmosphere Cold Storage

Control Atmosphere Cold Storage
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Machines from Van Amerongen have beendeveloped with the aim of keeping energy usage as low as possible. This isvital as energy prices are rising quickly and a competitors very cheapsystem could turn out to be extremely expensive if energy consumption is takeninto account. We only use the best parts our machines. Sound German pumps, thebest active carbon and reliable electronics. The equipment can then last for15-20 years without any major problems. 

Our equipment is very low maintenanceand one of our machines will usually only require limited maintenance every2,000 or so hours. The fact that we work with low pressure and oil-free pumpsmeans that wear and tear is kept to a minimum. This also ultimately contributestowards cost savings.

VPSA N2 generators

VPSA technology (Vacuum Pressure SwingAdsorption) is based on an energy-efficient, low pressure technique. A VPSA can both circulate and inject. Duringcirculation, the residual oxygen level reduces along with the oxygen in thestorage cell. Circulation is the most energy efficient mode for lowering theoxygen level in a storage area. So-called pull-down time is an indication ofthe time necessary for circulation to bring your storage cells to the requiredoxygen levels. During circulation, the VPSA reduces the oxygen concentration inthe cell up to 30% quicker than when injecting.

Theadvantage of injection is that a cell can be kept at slight over-pressure sothat ULO conditions (ultra low oxygen, <3%) are even possible in a storagearea with a minor leak (ask your cool cell constructor or Van Amerongen forfurther advice). With the VPSA, you can switch between injecting andcirculating and vice versa at any given moment.

Advantages of Van Amerongen VPSA O2adsorbers;

Theoil-free blower used in our VPSAs ensures that the active carbon is notcontaminated by residual oil, resulting in its life-expectancy more thandoubling. Furthermore, the active carbon filter is cleaned by means of a vacuumtechnique, allowing it to remain free of dirt and moisture. This makes our VPSAN2 generators the most durable and energy-efficient!

CO2 adsorbers

Fruit ‘breathes’: it uses oxygen (O2 ) and produces carbon dioxide (CO2 ). A CO2 adsorberremoves the carbon dioxide (also referred to as carbonic acid) that forms fromyour storage cells in order to prevent concentrations getting too high andcausing damage to your fruit. 

Determining the capacity of the CO2  adsorber

 adsorber is suitable for your situation, the followingmust be considered; 

·        number of cool cells;

·        type & quantity of product in the coldstore (how much CO2 doesit produce);

·        Models CO2 adsorbers

-scrubbers with capacities of 50 to 900 kg per 24 hour period(at 3% CO2).

The advantages of our CO2  adsorbers;

one-tank system (instead of two-tanksystems from other suppliers)
1) cheaper to buy 
2) twice as energy-efficient 
3) 20% quicker

unique system of sieve anddistribution platesAunique system of sieve and distribution plates enable our CO2 adsorbers to be upto 30% more efficient.

minimal oxygen addition via the lungsystemTheVA lung (buffer) system ensures there is minimal addition of O2 during the removalof CO2

Cold store accessories

Next to CA/ULO installations, VanAmerongen also supplies all accessories necessary for installation andmaintenance. 

Combimeters and hand meters

Van Amerongen provides in a range ofgas analysing equipment, like O2 -and CO2 meters. Combi metersare always built-in in our control systems. Of course, we can also provide inhand meters which can easily measure the O2 andCO2 values in your cold store,any time you like.

Flexibleair buffers (‘lungs’)

Pressurefluctuations in your cold store as a result of cooling actions or weatherconditions can cause leakages, leading to influx of O2. The placement of a flexible airbuffer ('lung') compensates for pressure changes as a result of, for example,cooling or weather conditions. The buffer is made of durable and flexible,multi-layer PU film. Each storage room is equipped with its own buffer. Airbuffers are dimensioned, based on the volume of a storage room and areavailable in volumes of 2 - 12 m3.

Overpressure and underpressurevalves

Underextreme circumstances, an air buffer is insufficient to absorb pressuredifferences. In that case, an over/underpressure valve can absorb the pressuredifference in your storage room to prevent damage. This safeguard is triggeredat an over/underpressure of approximately 10mm WK. Each cold store used forCA/ULO storage needs at least one underpressure valve and one overpressurevalve. Multiple valves are used for larger cells.


Scrubbersare connected to the cold stores by means of PVC pipes. Depending on the typeof machine, pipes with a diameter of 50 to 160mm, and corresponding cellvalves, are used. Our cell valves are pneumatic and therefore very reliable anddurable.